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Our Work

Del Taco

Bringing the voice of a beloved Mexican QSR brand to two distinct audiences.

Del Taco is one of the most recognized QSR brands.

Sprokkit works with both Del Taco’s consumer marketing team and franchise development team to present a consistent brand image while targeting the two very different B2C and B2B audiences.

To help grow the chain's national footprint on two fronts, Sprokkit designs, executes, and manages Del Taco’s consumer-facing digital brand presence while also fulfilling the full spectrum of marketing needs for their franchise development team. Sprokkit's efficiency and expertise allow for such flexibility in a fast-paced environment.

Digital First Strategy

With Del Taco, Sprokkit has built a comprehensive digital strategy to seamlessly handle the countless moving parts of promotional cycle rollout across their many digital platforms.

By streamlining the design, development, and maintenance of their consumer-facing website, digital advertising, email marketing, and social media, we are able to quickly update assets, themes, and landing pages every promotional cycle, driving up traffic around key product launches and specials.

Sprokkit serves as the hub for all of Del Taco's franchise marketing efforts including print, digital, and trade show.

We designed Del Taco's franchise development website as a tool to efficiently funnel investors and franchise candidates through a single system. Working with their franchise development team, we also collaborate on marketing campaigns that align with major events and meetings, handling strategy, design, development, and media buys.

Digital/Online Marketing

  • has seen consistently rising pageviews, session durations, and click engagement that coincide with increases in same-store sales
  • Since the launch of the new franchising site, new users have increased 44% YoY
  • Thanks to Sprokkit's successful relationship with the consumer and franchise marketing teams, Del Taco has also enlisted Sprokkit’s services for their consumer insights, product testing, and legal departments